Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One nation indivisible?

America is becoming an increasingly strange place. Was the gov't behind 9/11? Is Bush bought off by the oil industry? Does American industry care only for shareholders, not Americans? Is America smart enough to elect Obama, someone who inspires rather than a backwards looking senior citizen? Something's gotta give. A sampling of more political street art.


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Fredrik said...

Now this is really interesting!
In the coming decade I think we'll witness the decline of America. It's time for another empire to take over. Perhaps China.
Loosing power, evokes feelings of conspiracy and suspicious. Obvious in the political art you show.

Wayne said...

In the cold white north we tend to watch it unfold in slack-jawed amazement.

America isn't generally interested, but Canadian politics are goofy too.

One of the wonderful things about CDP is the fact that it isn't political.

Thanks Ken.

ken mac said...

Fredrik, I tend to agree! And I say, let em have it! Americans are self centered when it comes to the world at large, part of the reason why we are in the mess we're in..

Laurie said...

I distrust everyone in government-- even those politicians purportedly on my side. As for truth, I honestly wouldn't be surprised at this point if The Matrix were the truth. That said, you gotta pick the least offensive path... And I do love the ordinary people in this country. There is a hopeful vibe in the zeitgeist that gives me great inspiration.

• Eliane • said...

Hmm, I am not at liberty to share my opinion on this one. I cannot vote in NYC. But I do pay taxes for close to 8 years now. That's my grain of salt on this one.

Oooh, I have something to send you - I think you'll like. Just have to find your email address.

Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for your comments today. Did you catch any of the convention tonight? The place was full of sheep.

Chris said...

Lori said it all!

I need another bumper sticker. . . .Yes, we can!

Sherry said...

The Republican party isn't the party it used to be.

The whole planet is at such risk, and I don't think anyone who dumps in Cooks Inlet,( tons of toxic waste) and says people aren't to blame for environmental issues, should be locked up, but not in the White House.

Dusty Lens said...

As long as there are sheeple who follow both the Democrats and Republicans, the division will continue to split. Seriously, what will Obama do? What will McCain do?


Both Obama and McCain are owned by special interest lobbyists. Lobbyiosts that do not the working taxpayer's interest in mind.

They keep speaking about what they will do and the sheep drink their coolaide.

Until we Americans start thinking for ourselves, we will always be doomed by the two party special interest lobby groups, the lousy Dems and Repubs.

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