Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to Yonkers

Now where exactly is Yonkers you may be asking? I'm not totally sure, but I believe it is in the northern part of the city. I was up there a few weeks ago on business and was simply floored by all the cool neon. Bakeries, diners, more neon than 1950s Times Square. ! Well, I can dream can't I?


shutter said...

Delight Bake Shop looks like it might be pretty good.

Grieve said...

Wow. I've always wanted to go there for this very reason...Did you sample any of the bars with neon?

EV Grieve

ken mac said...

there are bars with neon in Yonkers? I walked from the train station -- a harrowing experience -- on my way to a bar, but there was no neon there. Tips?

Chris said...

Love the bake shop. . .Do they do sugar-free?

• Eliane • said...

I think Yonkers is just North of The Bronx. Never been.

I like the vintage feel of those neons, the old spelling ("delite" it's old spelling, right?) and the fonts on the last one. Very cool.

ken mac said...

sugar free? Maybe, but certainly no fat free!

I think "Delite" is to attract attention. Caught mine for sure. I love the feel of old neon too.

Monika said...

Nice neon!

I always loved the name *Yonkers*. Maybe because it's close to ~Bonkers~. I've never been there, of course.

shutter said...

what's all this sugar free stuff? Places like these don't do the low-cal thing. That's why they're so good!

Anonymous said...

Yonkersis a diverse city, with many hills and quiet suburban streets and then there is the side in which you have more of a city feel and thats by the Yonkers train station area and Getty Square. They are in the process of "developing" the area immediately around the Train Station. This includes luxury lofts and apts to attract young professionals working ina nd around Manahttan. The lure is the train station, ferry and lower real estate/rents prices.

If you do get daring and do come to visit the "City of gracious living", you must visit Untermyer Park. A GORGEOUS must see public park with breath taking views of the Palisade cliffs in N.J.

And the architecture is something to really marvel at. It contains Greco/Roman/Ancient Babaylonian structures and water gardens.

A must see in Yonkers. Try not to get Lost in this city of over 200,000 people. And enjoy the hills.

More info about Yonkers here.

A little tidbit. It is also known as "The Big Y.O" and "The 914".
Also being curently considered as the 6th borrough.

And I also have some wonderful photographic highlights regarding Yonkers here ~~~~>

Eugene, in The BIG Y.O.