Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Return to Market Diner

When it opened on the corner of 43rd Street and 11th Avenue in 1962, the Market Diner was one of the biggest of its kind in New York City. It became known as a late-night hangout for Frank Sinatra and Kate Smith, the place the Westies gang dropped by during a break from dismembering victims, and even the spot where Jerry Seinfeld and his friends Kramer and Newman met a dealer for black-market shower heads. Read more about this closed icon here


Anonymous said...

You know, Ken, I have a horrible feeling from reading your blog that if and when I return to Manhattan there'll be nothing left of what I loved.

I'm already a bit afraid of crossing the Triboro Bridge and not seeing the WTC on the skyline...

Virginia said...

I think you have a "coffee table" book of extinct NYC eating and drinking establishments in your future. Save me a first edition copy s'il vous plait. Lileks would love these photos.

Laurie Allee said...

Ken! We're on the same wavelength today my friend.

These shots are amazing. I'm with V, you should put together a coffee table book of these establishments. THey're such great examples of classic 20th Century Americana. I find diners like this very hopeful and happy. maybe it's because they remind me of the restaurants my parents took me to when I was a kid.

Great work as always, Madman!

Hope said...

Dear Madman a.k.a. Ken Mac....I am in heaven looking at these photos and reading your post as well as Laurie's post from today also! The roof on this diner is Amazing! The signage is perfect and I love the entryway and steps leading into the diner! I can just imagine Frank Sinatra frequently this place. I am very sad to hear this place has closed!

OK...I'm trying to compose myself here! Excellent Blog, as usual!

Hope in Knoxville

Hope said...

Oh...I just noticed you're back to Ken Mac again but still using the Mad Man avatar....welcome back "Ken Mac"!

Tanya Breese said...

Aw c'mon and buy the place!

Mame said...

Should we contact the NYC Landmark Commission?

Uma por Dia said...

You look like sinatra.

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