Monday, November 17, 2008

Charles Lane Then/Now

This glass and steel condostrosity (below) on Charles Lane near the Hudson replaced this beautiful structure which looks like it was part of a church rectory. Though its yellow facade is dirty and crumbling, note the details: the lead paned glass, the wooden window frame, the roughly carved cross above the door. This is progress?      


Tanya said...

Progress ain't all it's hyped up to be huh? I prefer the before to the after. Love that they left the old brick road out front though ;)

Tash said...

Bummer. Loved the old one - the color, the details of the windows. Guess it's cheaper to knock buildings down & rebuild than to renovate. I went looking for an original apartment building in PV Estates only to find a new townhomes in it's place - very nicely done but still sad.

Anonymous said...

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