Monday, August 4, 2008

Manhattan Signs, Then and Now

From anti-KFC ads to get out the vote warnings, Manhattan has every kind of sign imaginable, and if you look closely, the city gives up its ancient signage as well. First up, PETA's campaign against Kentucky Fried's use of something weird in the batter. Click pic to enlarge..

"Bottled Porter, Ale and Cider," circa 1920, Macdougal and Houston.

Zenith COLOR service sign, Lower East Side, circa early '60s.Wha? No more Chinese New Year?

Shackman Favors and Novelties, circa 1890s, Fifth Avenue.

Heller Paper Cordage Co, Tribeca, circa 1960.

Near Houston and Broadway.


Fredrik said...

Great idea! I'll document the old signs in my town as well.

D said...

I love old signs. Now I'm inspired too. Thanks!

Hilda said...

Great post, Ken, and fun too!

I've always loved PETA's ads. Haven't made me a complete vegetarian yet though. ;D

Ken Mac said...

Fredrik, please do but don't forget the landscapes!

D, can't wait to seem em

Hilda the Vegan? Me neither...

Chris said...

I love the old signs, too. I keep saying I need to take photos of signs here, too. . . . .

BTW. . . .The stamp store is in the East Village. . .Is it the Ink Spot or something like that? I used to know the owner. . . .

kjpweb said...

Good finds!
Cheers, Klaus

Rob said...

Love these old signs. I must try and find some here in the north metro.

• Eliane • said...

Nice series! I am fascinated about those old faded adds. They are so intriguing and are so much fun to research.
I have not seen this PETA add but I love it!! The Colonel may have an interesting grooming-thing (although nobody will ever beat Dali), but I've never been a fan of his fast-food chain. Not a fan of chicken anyways.

Ming the Merciless said...

Now I'm curious -- what is Lady Bunny's dirty little secret? :-)

Monika said...

Loved those old/washed out signs on the houses.

Ken Mac said...

hallo! This sign is near Varrick, on King I think. Around there? Bunny's what?

Anonymous said...

Loved the B. Shackman Novelties and Favors sign. (My search for this led me to your site) Gotta love a 'novelties and favors' shop.
Don't see those any more. Shakmans is alive and well still selling novelties and favors on line. Good stuff too. Betty.

Roberts said...

Loved those old/washed out signs on the houses.

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