Monday, March 14, 2011


Folkways Note Book said...

These photos are just great -- a comment on a past culture -- barbara

Michelle said...

What a great capture....and that car is just too cool.

Sérgio Pontes said...

The photo is awesome - love it

Banjo52 said...

With this and Paul's and the bakery, especially put together, all I can think is small town, 1950s. Only it's Manhattan!

Lynette said...

I'm waiting patiently for Tony Manero to walk through the door, carrying a can of paint.

What fab photos you've discovered to share with us. Thanks!

CarolineG said...

great shot!

Anonymous said...

The photo downloaded slowly for me, so for awhile I thought this was about some unfortunate signage above a beauty parlor.

Virginia said...

Harry was a Jack of all Trades me thinks.

-K- said...

Great photo. for me, its the case of Bud at their feet that ties it all together.

And, as usual, Altadena Hiker has a witty response that I can't beat.

Birdman said...

Wow! A local hardware store... another fleeting image. Boo Big Box stores!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love your street photos!

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