Monday, June 29, 2009

Remembering Pennsylvania Station

Been reading a fantastic book, Conquering Gotham, by Jill Jonnes. She tells the history of Penn Station, how it was constructed by Alex Cassatt, brother of artist Marie Cassatt. How he fought New York's corrupt Tammany Hall to build the beautiful building free of backdoor payments and bribes. How McKim modeled the terminal after Paris' Quai D'Orsay, and finally how the glorious terminal was razed and lost to ages. And replaced with the rat like maze of soul deadening tunnels known as today's Penn Station. (none of these are my photos, obviously!)
Today's banal, corporate driven, soulless horror.
ahhh, the beauty....


Brooks of Sheffield said...

Without a doubt, the greatest architectural loss New York has ever suffered.

lavenderlady said...

what a shame...I had no idea Alex Casset was behind the was lovely.

James said...

Ahh the beauty was right.

Ming the Merciless said...

I can't believe the city tore down the old Penn Station and put up that monstrosity that is there now.

Whoever signed off on that should spend the rest of his life as Bernie Madoff's roommate.

Lowell said...

Bureaucrats are just plain stupid much of the time!

D said...

another reason I remain AGAINST progress

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

I cannot believe they tore down that beautiful structure and replaced it with that sterile piece of architectural crap!

Anonymous said...

I'm devastated. I just assumed, if I ever visited, this is what I'd find. (There are some ghost figures in the second from last photo.)

Virginia said...


BTW I met Jill JOnnes in Paris! She has a new book -Eiffels' Tower. Check my Paris blog back a few weeks. She's very interesting and I'm planning on getting the book of course. These photos are great KM.

I left you a comment on my BADP blog! :)

When I land back in B'ham after my trip, I'll get on the Cheyenne story. I"ll need something to keep me from going into serious depression.

Judy said...

That's just crazy and wrong.

Hilda said...

I can't believe they did that! How awful!

EV Grieve said...

And I don't see any Hudson News, Dunkin' Donuts or Houlihan's in the old Penn Station!

Jean Spitzer said...

So sad. Do you know why?

Ken Mac said...

don't know why, haven't read that far in the book yet, ....but I imagine it was developers hungry to replace it with Madison Square Garden. said...

I agree with Ming. Unbelievable!
Maybe we can start a campaign to have it rebuilt. Can you imagine the difference it would make in the daily grind of NYC commuters if they could walk through a beautiful building like Cassatts as opposed to what they must walk through now?

Unknown said...

What a shock looking at the last photo!!! How was this possible???

marley said...

Its actually a traversty that it was destroyed. The original looks every bit as fine as Grand Central Station. Such a shame.

Ken Mac said...

The US Post office, which lies directly across the street from Penn station, is equally stunning. Before the economic collapse there were plans to move Penn Station into the post office.

Laurie Allee said...

This is horrifying. I had no idea that Penn was ever that glorious. WOw. Just, wow.

Mykola Dementiuk said...

My God, what hath man wroth?

Anonymous said...

I am stunned. Literally stunned that they would tear it down.

The Blue Ridge Gal

BrooksNYC said...

There are some extraordinary photos on this forum thread:

Ken Mac said...

Thanks Brooks, that is the most complete and thorough site I've seen on Penn Station. Enough to make one cry.

Newburgh Restoration said...

Wow, I travel through Penn everyday, and rat maze it is! Newburgh went through it's own "Urban Renewal" too. This is such a same, it was absolutely gorgeous! But at least the pictures remain..

BrooksNYC said...

".....that is the most complete and thorough site I've seen on Penn Station. Enough to make one cry."

No kidding, Ken. You'd think we'd learn from our mistakes, wouldn't you? You'd think.

Enjoying your photos very much. Thanks.

Diederick Wijmans said...

What a beautiful building that was!!

Unknown said...

I will never understand that post-war period when linoleum, formica, and florescent lights were considered superior to stone and iron.

The one good thing that came out of Penn Stations destruction was the beginning of the preservation movement.

Amos said...

There's long been a plan to replace fugly Penn with a Moynihan Station built into the beautiful Farley Post Office right across 8th Avenue. Not clear if it's ever going to happen, but it should -- would be a decent successor to the original Penn.

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Most men are afraid of sporting clogs.Historically only girls wore clogs, which can scare the manliest of men away altogether.These men who are courageous enough to attempt them nonetheless find yourself loving them the most.Clogs for men are very masculine.They sometimes are a lot like sandals in many ways.They're brown or black and product of leather.The place ladies's clogs usually have a chunky heel, clogs for males don't.
Many males choose to put on clogs with backs on them.They think it makes the shoe look manlier, which could possibly be true to some.They will put on these fascinating sneakers to work, on the golf course, and even to church.Total, they're very versatile which appeals to men.
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An increasing number of we are seeing medical clogs being used in hospitals and different medical facilities.Medical clogs are these with thick rubber soles.The higher area of the clog is often made from rubber as well.These are excellent for nurses, medical doctors, and different medical staff.They're so great because they protect the employees's ft from germs and probably hazardous supplies on the floor.One other benefit is that the medical clogs are slip resistant which helps the employees keep secure when their flooring is wet.They may also be cleaned and disinfected in a short time and simply, which [URL=]Cheap Retro Jordans[/URL] makes them much more appealing to medical staff.Their sturdiness is engaging as well.Some medical facilities will not enable their employees to put on backless clogs nonetheless, so they need to buy clogs with backs on them.These guidelines are made to keep away from any sort of injury.
Clog footwear usually are not solely functional, but they're also very fashionable.If you wish to build a nicely-Rounded shoe assortment, it is best to definitely have a couple of pairs of clogs within the mix.You may wear them with denims, pants, or shorts.While you might want to avoid carrying them with attire or skirts, there is always that one exception.So, attempt them out with each outfit you own to see after they work the best.And, don't forget to make use of them in the garden or round the house to guard your feet.You may get your work performed comfortably and be capable to clear them simply after the job is complete.

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