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Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Leacy's sign

Somewhere in . . . Anaheim!

From James at Something Sighted : "I've never seen a post that has brought back so many memories. This place was on Harbor Blvd right next to my grandmother's house. She lived in the trailer park right behind this place. We used to visit her at least once a week until she died in 1976. There used to be so many cool signs in that area. Oh the memories! What a small world. :)"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Western Union

America's first Western Union building in Tribeca is holding a celebration. The window's are full of memorabilia, including these telegrams from Jack Kennedy, Edward R Murrow and Duke Ellington

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before it blew

This is smoke, not steam rising from a manhole cover on Wooster, near Canal (Chinatown). It was belching, burping, and rising forth. I called 311, three firetrucks came. Stand back! It's Con Ed's wires shorting out, said the fire guys. Soon, they went into a basement and the smoke stopped. Whew!

Oh no....

It ain't ho ho ho

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

for the birds, father demo square

East Village Weeping Willow

This old tree was an East Village landmark. Apparently the City thought better than to let it grow and pruned it to a single bare stalk. Thanks Bloomberg!
Thanks to EV Grieve for original report.