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old centre street police station

Philly DiCiccio

Philly DiCiccio hung with Sinatra's crew in the 60s, ran illegal errands for old Joe Kennedy in the 30s, his butcher shop was a Village staple for 40 years, and he's still kicking it. A proud old school man, Philly sometimes kept company with the mad mobsters that used to populate what was in the 60s a much larger Little Italy, extending to Gotti's future home on Delancey up to Vinnie the Chin Gigante's social club on Sullivan. Philly knew them all, sold them plenty of prime cuts. Philly's best friend was Sinatra's longtime body guard, Jilly Rizzo, who ran a club in midtown. When Philly was a kid, Joe Kennedy would round up he and the other juvies for the midnight liquor runs during prohibition. These days, Philly takes it easy. He deserves it.

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you can't escape

the crazy guy who sings on the D train

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Empire Diner, Chelsea

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Mafia trash in Soho

Soho, once populated by poor artists, is now for the well heeled. A former mob joint, bakery and news shop, this MacDougal Street wreck is the last of its kind in Soho. It sits abandoned, a haven for legion rat populations and homeless men with courage. The ruin sits next to the brownstone of famed rocker/poetess, Patti Smith. Even fame can't fight the buildings commission, which doesn't give a damn. And I like it.

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South Street Seaport 2008

Brooklyn Bridge background, abandoned Fulton Fish Market, foreground

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Haunted House

Spring Lake, New Jersey

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Remember the Future?

Magda Biernat’s “San-Zhr Pod Village, Taiwan” currently at Clic Gallery Soho

New York's first dim sum parlor

Personally, I detest dim sum. But it makes for a nice ancient store front....