Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cheyenne / Market Diner

This was our beloved and soon to be departed Cheyenne Diner back in the day, sometime in the 60s by the looks of that super Yellow taxi. Market Diner? Never hoid of it!
And here it was this past summer, before it was de-signed and stripped for its trip to Birmingham, Alabama. Look for future Cheyenne sightings from Virginia at Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo 
We're counting on you Virginia!


Virginia said...

I"m here waiting with my camera! I won't miss a minute but you must tell me when it pulls out of NYC ,
OK???? I haven't given up hope that you will surprise me and come down and help me document the arrival or the grand opening. It won't be the same without you my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great looking diner. I'm sure it will be very happy in it's new home

Judy said...

Such an awesome looking place will be missed I'm sure.

Laurie Allee said...

How cool is that?

marley said...

I love the yellow taxi too. It would be great if they were still like that!

Where do you get all your old photos from? Are they your own? Where ever the source, they are brilliant. Always a great contrast.

PJ said...

I Googled this and was thrilled to find out what was happening. I think we should all meet there when it opens for a blog fest. As Vern would say, "Sincerely!".

Jill said...

Very cool KM and V!

Rob said...

Sad to see this go. But I am sure Virginia will take good care of it!

D said...

Now, that'll be a great reason to drive up to the Magic City!

Virginia said...

OK, All of you are invited here to welcome the Cheyenne. You Alabama bloggers and PJ, you too are expected to be here front row center. The rest of you just get here asap and join us. A fine time will be had by all, believe me. KM , no excuses.

Birdman said...

Always enjoy your 'take' on the buildings of the Village. The historical look seen through buildings is intriguing to this country boy.


The diner is expected to move the end of this month.
-Diner News and History

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