Friday, September 5, 2008

Old Minetta Tavern

The Minetta Tavern on MacDougal is undergoing major renovation by a new owner. Word has it that he is keeping the interior intact, and only changing the menu -- a good thing. A long time hangout for the '50s beats and then the '60s NYC showbiz and literary crowd, Minetta Tavern is classic Greenwich Village. One things for sure, the photos that lined Minetta's walls are already gone, packed up and relocated with the old owner. So here they are, photographed during Christmas, 07. The beautiful Eva Marie Saint, fresh from her role in On The Waterfront.

Soupy Sales and Minetta's owner.
Joe Gould, Joseph Mitchell.

Old New York rulers...Party time..!


Anonymous said...

A) I believe the interior will be left as is when I see it. (Or something.)

B) I want that framed photo of Eva Marie Saint

Laurie Allee said...

Oh... I LOVE this! I know it is known for being a beat hang-out, but I can imagine Dorothy Parker there.

Are the pictures going to come back? It really needs those pictures...

Virginia said...

these are just great. Thanks for showing us so many! Gabby Hayes??? I haven't thought about him for many a year. I want Eva too. My granddaughter's name is Eva! Go back when it's been renoed and let us see what they did.

Ken Mac said...

Gabby Hayes is in there? I hope the pics will be there. I peeked in a while back and saw them all boxed up, then gone. Eva Marie rules!

Jane Hards Photography said...

A real slice of nostalgia. The days when glamour mean something and clebrities were not z listers.

• Eliane • said...

I confess shamefully that I don't know any of these people. But I like vintage photographs and the whole nostalgia that goes with it.

Ming the Merciless said...

Like Eliane, I don't know most of the people in the photos.

Eva Marie Saint looks a lot like Faye Dunaway.

Ken Mac said...

you kids! This is old 1960s New York showbiz royalty. Eva Marie Saint starred in On the Waterfront with Brando. Soupy Sales was a popular comedian. Joseph Mitchell was perhaps the most popular writer at the New Yorker, Joe Gould was a well known Village crank. This is the problem, NY history is being erased...and replaced with chain crap you can get in any city in america...

Chris said...

I LOVED Soupy Sales. Is he still alive?

Jerez Sherry said...

Gee, reminds me that we all have our time, and then we leave. We all feel invincible at some time, but age happens, as unlikely as it seems in youth.

• Eliane • said...

Er, I do have a little excuse. Wait till I quiz you on French cinéma. ;)

Anonymous said...

I now have the lyric from Lloyd Cole's "Rattlesnakes" looping through my head: "She looked like Eve Marie Saint/In 'On The Waterfront'..."

Great stuff.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great post, Ken Mac, The Minetta Tavern looks a nice place! I would like to be there...

Dave Gilbert said...

What google will uncover these days. I was looking up Joe Gould and ended up finding a never-before-seen photo of him. Thanks!

I went to the reopened Minetta the other day and was quite disappointed to find that the Joe Gould portrait did not make the transition. I asked the host about it and he told me that it's now collecting dust in the owner's "private collection." Oh wells.

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