Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Manganaro's Old World Italian

Sal runs Manganaro's on 8th near 40th, one of the oldest Italian delis in New York. This joint just oozes character, from the room temperature cheese and yummy cookies Sal sells, to the hearty and enormous servings of pasta, prosciutto, meatballs and sauce that serve as Manganaro's staples.
Next door to Sals is another Manganaro where they make a famous six foot long hero sandwich. For years the two families didn't speak --- over rights to that famous triple decker -- but they've recently buried the hatchet and patched up the family. Good eats! See Brooks Lost City for more on those fabulous, feudin' Manganaros.


Ming the Merciless said...

I will definitely have to pay the place a visit. The description alone makes me salivate.

One of my best friend is Italian and his wife doesn't speak to her mother and her mother doesn't speak to her own mother either. But the wife speaks to her grandmother.

I have been to their Christmas party and it is ONE awkward situation. The men in the family get along nicely. :-)

Laurie Allee said...

These pictures are so fantastic. I really miss New York! I can almost taste the goodies at this place.

Curly said...

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kjpweb said...

Wonderful - the last image is top notch! Love it!
Cheers, Klaus

VeekNYC said...

No shot. Total bull. They still can't stand each other. I live around the corner and am good friends with Sal and his daughters.
Too many years of bad blood and courtroom wars (30+).
Stick with the Grosseria, true old school. Hero Boy is a McDonald's style fast food joint with red sauce.

Hilda said...

I looove the interior! And you've just made me hungry!

Jerez Sherry said...

The tin ceiling catches my eye, and takes me back to Pittsburgh where I am from, and the cafe's and stores with tin ceilings. I remember the cheeses hanging in the stores and the smells, too.
Nothing like the east coast!

That house is beautiful, wonder why she won't let anyone touch it? Mc Mansions, yes, someone built one right next to us, looks down into our yard, terrible things, tasteless.

I wonder if anyone ever felt that way about these victorian homes? I had one myself at one time.
Well, at least they were quality.

Nice photos...

Ken Mac said...

These old houses (1892) were built on big lots so you couldn't very well see into your neighbor's nostrils like they build them today.
I did see the "family" preparing to inhabit the McMansion across the street from this jewel: two graying yuppies and their dogs. And the house is gigantic. Hedge fund money perhaps?

Jerez Sherry said...

Ming the Merciless, hah..why is it men who make war, but women who never talk to each other in family situations? lol

Wonder why we're in so much trouble globally?

Ken Mac, well I think it boils down to poor taste..another neighborhood home is done nicely, fits in with the neighborhood, is unobtrusive, tasteful, and we won't dislike each other, I am sure.

The Russian, [named Egor incidentally] who built the McMansion that is breathing down my neck won't be. He even offered to cut my trees to accommodate 'his' view of the Sound, Nice huh?

So now I have to plant some giant Western red cedars to grow 6 ft a year to get my privacy back.

There goes much of his view anyway..

They cut down a willow that was the hugest willow I have ever seen in the lot next door ( that it was subdivided from) for their view, This tree protected me from other eyes on the hill above, and since there is a spring the water level was raised and I had flooding.
The house is an eye sore, orange as a pumpkin,.
I don't even like going into my backyard anymore.

grrr, ok, I'm better now... got my daily growl out...!
Thanks!! lol

you can delete this if ya wanna..

Lothiane said...

Oh I'd love to visit there. :)

I see they sell one of my favourite Norwegian cheese; Jarlsberg.

Greetings from
Oslo, Norway

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great pictures! Manganaro's looks a delicious place! Hummmm!

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