Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wayne said...

This is beaut Ken!

Virginia said...

I hesitate to agree with W, but he's right, it's a beut.
I love the graphics and the green/black THANG! :)

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love the design in the glass.
nice capture Ken.

Yvi said...


This is a very nice shot!


glduro_marieloupe said...

Great shot, Ken!

altadenahiker said...

Is Robert Mitchum in this movie?

Louis la Vache said...

Outstanding! «Louis» always appreciates geometrical shots like this!

Birdman said...

I'm drawn to this image in the darkness, the light almost looks lime-green.

RuneE said...

Th photo needs no title - a beaut!

Nefertiti said...

tres jolie photo,entre la lumiere et le graphisme,c est tres reussie,bravo ;O)

bon dimanche

byron said...

Oh this is awesome! So dark and uninviting, I love it!

Laurie said...

I'm with the others -- this is gorgeous, Ken. Very Mad Men!!!

Tash said...

minimalist deco? love the green glow.

BANJO52 said...

I hate that kind of green, but it's key in giving the shot its power. As Byron says, "uninviting."

TheChieftess said...

I love that kind of green!!! And the art deco look of the glass!!!

sonia a. mascaro said...


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