Friday, August 10, 2012

Tame Impala

Hypnotic Aussie psychedelic shoe gazing rock at Williamsburg Music Hall


Laurie Allee said...

Looks fun!

Mo said...

Colourful How about the music?

Banjo52 said...

Where are the axes? :)

Is Bman right, it's a guitar? I can see that now that it's pointed out, but I'd never have come to it on my own.

ARe these guys calming or hootchie-kootchie makers?

Good to hear from you!!

alex said...


trump said...

Rock on dudes,rock on! Richard

sturgeone said...

I spy with my bloodshot eye a VOX amp back there.....Retro Fab......

Curlykale said...

Shoe gazing ? is that looking for Sole ?
like the circle motif.

Anonymous said...

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