Friday, December 19, 2008

Witches Fingers

At Washington Square Park....


rchrd said...

Man, does this bring back memories!

Especially that bench on the left.
Many stories here.

I always loved those railings. In fact one of the first "good" pictures I ever took was of those railings.
It's here.
That was 1967.
Didn't look that much different then.
Thanks for the picture.

Ken Mac said...

Everyone, you must check out Richard's pic above. The man is an artist, no kidding!

Virginia said...

I went to Richards' site. Amazing.I wanted to leave a comment. Couldn't find a place. Damn. Tell him will dig!!

KM, You and i "ain't right". We both must have a bare tree fetish. I am cutting myself off at one per week. Stay tuned budro! (That's a southern saying, loosely translated to : buddyro. Well just nevermind, it doesn't translate! I am thrilled you liked my Paris photos. I am flattered indeed.

Hilda said...

I love these bare trees — I think they're fascinating! I hardly get to see them here — no winter, no dormancy. If they're bare, it usually means they're dying or already dead.

humanobserver said...

A classic look !

Tanya Breese said...

Beautiful photo KM. I also like the bare tree look. We do have one in the yard that looks a little creepy though!

CeciliaGallerani said...

Even in winter, perhaps especially in winter, some trees look so alive. These might reach right into the windows of the building on the right, and snatch something.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love this picture! The bare trees are amazing. And what a nice square! I would like to be there....

Laurie Allee said...

I'm with Virg -- totally digging on RIchard's work.

This image is so melancholy -- timeless NYC shot.

Dave said...

I like trees. Even in winter with no leaves they can have an air of mystery, even bordering on scary if one is so inclined. - Dave

Dave said...

I like trees. Even in winter with no leaves they can have an air of mystery, even bordering on scary if one is so inclined. - Dave

Shutterup-Shutterbug said...

Love, love, love this picture!!!

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