Friday, January 15, 2010

Russian Souvenirs

Old Alex runs Russian Souvenirs on 14th Street. His place is full of incredible stuff: Russian postcards from the 60s, real amber and birch artworks, paintings, totems, too much weird stuff to list. He will bargain for all of it.


Tash said...

I could spend a lot of time in there & I bet find some real treasures. Russians used to come to Croatian coast in the '80s and bring all sorts of stuff to sell next to the open market to finance some of the vacation. My aunt spoke Russian (tought Russian in school) and bought & was given some things - some of which she then gave to me

Louis la Vache said...

Wow! He really has packed this small space! Fascinating!

Chuck Pefley said...

Good! Another one of those little NYC treasures tucked into a neighborhood.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love stores like this. I must go see this place on my next trip into Manhattan.
Thanks Ken.

alex said...

if i ever become an Old Alex, I'd love to own a store like this!

joo said...

but where are 'matrioshkas' - I can't imagine any Russian Souvenirrs without them!

joo said...

Sorry! I enlarged the last photo and they are there of course - ok. it is Russian place:)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Amazing things! Love "matryoshka doll" too.

Birdman said...

Almost collage-like pictures this morning. Interesting to ponder.

altadenahiker said...

Wonder who the two old parties are in the third picture.

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful shots. Great little place.

Clueless in Boston said...

Great looking little store stuffed with all things Russkie. Looks like it would be a great place to browse in.

Merisi said...

This sure looks like a house of treasures!

In the early 80s, Rome "Porta Portese" flea market was full of Russians trying to sell the few precious possessions they had managed to take out of the country. Some real bargains were to be had back then. I was too young too take part in the hunt. Too bad!

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

The samovar and the balalaika-playing bear on the sign are amusing, too. Great find, I wonder what you came home with?

Mykola Dementiuk said...

Parties in the 3rd picture are: Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky, writer and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, musician

Daryl said...

Do they still sell the faux Gorbachev birthmark?

Goggla said...

I think everyone has a weird story about their experience with this guy and his shop, myself included. How he stays in business is a mystery...I get the feeling that one of these days, we'll find out he is the real heir of the czar. :)

Dave said...

Seems a fascinating shop. - Dave

LARETTA said...


bxexcxkxyx3 said...

I wandered into this store today after I went to lunch. I would have never known the old mans name was Alex if I didn't look it up now, but I'm glad I did.

When I went in the store it was very dark and I was the only person, besides Alex, inside the store. I looked around for a few seconds, and sort of looked at the man waiting for him to tell me his name or something about the store but he never did. (I think he was eating lunch before I came in)

I hope that one day I do go back to this store and see the little old man once again and hear some stories about russia and mabye even buy some things to remember the store by. It will always be a mystery to me how he keeps up with the rent though.

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