Saturday, May 16, 2015

190 Bowery.

For 40 years the home of one man, photographer Jay Maisel. He has finally sold. New owners said graffiti, much of it famous, would remain. They lied. Lower floor will be converted to retail, upscale condos above. Bring out your dead! 


Andy said...

They don't make them like this and more.

barbara judge said...

Not only do I see stone and mortar in this lovely building I see masonry skills that have already been lost. What a shot!-- barbara

Jean Spitzer said...

Hope the building stays. They are planning on removing the graffiti?

s.c said...

Looks like an old bank or something like that. Not really a one mans house. But a nice one it is.

Lynette said...

Drat it. New owners and/or developers define obtuse and/or greed, if you ask me.

Don Wood said...

Lies are easy off the tongue shame but it is progress.
If we were the ones paying for it we could make the decisions but when they say one thing and do another it is shameful.

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