Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Admiral's Row: set to vanish

The Civil War era Admiral's Row officers quarters, which have been allowed to decay and fall into ruin, will soon be demolished. A supermarket and parking lot will take their place. This depressed area needs a supermarket, but the City's inability to see the history and beauty in Admiral's Row results in yet another sorry loss. Thanks Bloomie. Take a long last look...


James said...

That is a real shame. :(

bfarr said...

Fortunately, you have your photos although that is not the same as saving history.

Lori Skoog said...

How sad is that?

-K- said...

Fascinating shots. I guess I won't dwell on how soon they'll be gone forever.

T. Becque said...

That's horrible. I hate to see history cemented over, especially for something that's on every street corner in America.

Ellie said...

This really saddens me a great deal. Even in these pictures you can see how beautiful these buildings once were, and could be again if only they were lovingly restored and turned into something useful for the community. I'm sure a supermarket isn't so desperately needed that they need to destroy a piece of history.

Damien Franco said...

Ah progress! Smells like money!

Seriously though...that stinks.

We had to deal with that in Denton, TX where they sold, then demolished, a section of town filled with small businesses, coffee houses, restaurants, and bars to make room for...you guessed it...a shopping center.

Who needs culture anyway when you've got a GAP?


Lily Hydrangea said...

& the houses are really amazing too - So sad!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Very sad indeed... Beautiful architecture...
Great photos, Ken Mac!

Druidhead said...

Is this area publicly accessible? Would love to see it before it isn't. Thanks, as ever, for your postings. Let me know if it can be visited.

Jarart said...

Oh no! That is just crazy to demolish this history. What are they thinking!!

altadenahiker said...

No! Oh what an unrecoverable loss.

byron said...

I was afraid "set to vanish" meant "set to demolish"... I was hopeful you were referring to the ivy taking over the building..

Goggla said...

This is really too bad. Thank you for immortalizing Admiral's Row so beautifully.

Richard D James said...

It's fenced off but I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to get in. I have seen pictures of the insides on different peoples websites.

Suburban Guy said...

Glass and steel over leaf and flower.

There once lived here men of integrity, they are now gone.

There once were homes here of soul, they are now gone.

birds sang, critters crittered and beauty reigned peacefully.

the meadow that once parked lovers of nature, history and people...

steel and glass, glass and steel.

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