Friday, February 27, 2009

Brooklyn Navy Yard Return

Last night made it back to Brooklyn Navy Yard, where America's great battleships were built. Still a naval installation, with many small businesses...and these glorious old carcasses..  


Anonymous said...

Bottom one looks like a painting. Or a movie set.

Judy said...

Haunting...or haunted...interesting shots.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Amazing photos, Ken Mac!
Love the color of these pictures too!

Thank you! I am so glad with your visiting and nice words more than I can say! But I have been without time and also with a lack of motivation and ideas to post...Sorry...
Flora send a big kiss and a happy tail wave to you!

Adam said...

Wow, these are fantastic, but are you freely free to roam around the place? said...

these are fantastic, you've captured the light beautifully!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Me again...

Did you believe (LOL) that I open a new blog, Leituras (means Reading). It is an unpretention and simple blog without spectation... As a matter of fact I don't know if I will go ahead with it... It is write in Portuguese, but there is on the top of the page a Translator.
See you soon.

Laurie Allee said...

The first one almost made me cry! And I agree with Altadena about the last one looking like a painting or a set. Ken, these are so wonderful.

Daryl said...

the last shot is my favorite .. the perspective is awesome

• Eliane • said...

Glorious old carcasses indeed. If those cobblestones and tramway tracks could speak...

Jane Hards Photography said...

All to common in the UK now. Wonderful for photographers but the loss of another indusrty is just so sad. Historical graveyard.

Hilda said...

The golden light makes everything look so romantic! Love the cobbled tramway! Great photos, Ken!

Virginia said...

This is a spectacular set KM. Some of your finest work my friend. I can't take my eyes off the last one. Oh my!

-K- said...

These are just tremendous.

D said...

Oh, the glow is dreamy! It does look like a movie.

Rob said...

The grittiness of night scenes like these are outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Third picture from the top looks a bit like the clock tower building from Back to the Future. Great Scott!

Fredrik said...

Just love it! Great work!

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